Mystery Cutting Box

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For my plant lovers who love surprises! You will receive a random selection of cuttings and/or baby plants that can be philodendrons, monsteras, epipremnums, Hoya, and the list goes on! 

Please buy at your own risk! I will send the cuttings in the best way possible to set you up for success but please know how to root cuttings or do your research on it before buying. I will send them how I would root them, but that doesn’t mean it will work and you need to check on them and proceed from there. Whatever value you choose, I PROMISE to make it worth your while. This is a new product, so you will likely get even more than I have stated, it depends on availability and how it goes, but you WILL get your money’s worth!

I will not send fresh cuttings! If I need to take a fresh cutting for your box, I will wait a few days after cutting to box it up and ship. 

For the lowest tier, you will receive 4-5 cuttings of more common (but equally beautiful) plants and you may get a fun bonus uncommon surprise! (Examples include philodendron camposportoanum, Hoya retusa, bipennifolium, silver sword, etc)

For middle tier, you will receive 5-6 cuttings, at least 2-3 of which will be more uncommon plants (examples include standleyana albo, epi pinn albo, anthurium seeds, Florida ghost etc)

For the highest tier, you will receive 5-6 cuttings, at least 2-3 of those will be ‘rare’ cuttings and a combination of uncommon. (Examples include Jose buono, philodendron white knight, variegated Burle marx, Florida beauty)

here is a list of potential plants you may receive, including but not limited to: 

-epipremnum pothos varieties (green/yellow manjula, golden) 

-philodendron silver stripe/micans 

-variegated philodendron hederaceum

-epipremnum pinnatum albo

-monstera standleyana albo

-philodendron mexicanum

-philodendron Jose buono 

-hoya retusa 

-Hoya pubicalyx 

-Hoya wayetti

-philodendron hastatum (silver sword) 

-Philodendron Burle Marx (variegated and non) 

-philodendron camposportoanum 

-philodendron white knight 

-philodendron Florida ghost 

-Dischidia ruscifolia var.

-philodendron bipennifolium

-anthurium clarinervium hybrid seeds 

-philodendron painted lady 

-syngonium pink splash/pink flecked/three kings 

-Raphidophora Tetrasperma 

-philodendron moonlight

-philodendron Florida beauty

++++ the list goes on!