How We Ship


 Here at LeafMe, we only ship plants in ways we would personally want to receive them. Each pot is wrapped with packing paper and the leaves are padded with polyfill, we secure the soil in the pot using tape and more poly and ensure the leaves will not move during its travel. The plant is then secured in the box using tape and a wooden stick or cut pvc to do our best to prevent the box getting damaged once it’s out of our hands. Fragile and live plant stickers are placed on the box as well in hopes it makes your plants travels safer. Please read our shipping policies page for more information. 


Tips upon receiving your new plant(s)

  1. Carefully cut the tape on the box and slowly unwrap your plant(s) from their insulation. 
  2. The plant and soil will likely be a little dry and need a little water. Follow the tips on the care guide given to you with your plant(s). 
  3. Do not repot for at least 2 weeks, give the plant(s) time to acclimate and adjust to their new environment. A leaf yellowing and dropping or a small growth stunt does sometimes happen and can be very normal in the first week after receiving the plant(s). 
  4. Please contact us if your plant is still not thriving and you would like some additional advice.
Thank you for shopping with us!
-Kayla & Danny