Anthurium Clarinervium x Brownii Hybrid Seedling

  • This special little hybrid seedling will be very fun to watch grow. The mother (seed) plant is shown in the picture below and is an Anthurium Clarinervium x Brownii. I received the mother plant when the berries were already forming 1+ year ago, so I have no idea what the plant will truly end up becoming.
  • Enjoys medium to bright, indirect light, leaves can scorch so pay attention and move to shadier spots if it is getting too much sun.
  • We ship these guys in a moss, perlite, charcoal, earthworm castings mixture while they're establishing themselves but you may choose to pot it into a well-draining chunky mix once the plant grows a bit larger.
  • I would not recommend potting into a different mix until the plant grows quite a bit larger or outgrows its pot.
  • Water when the top few inches are dry, some people like to use distilled water for anthuriums but I do not quite yet, just know this is an option if you are having trouble.
  • Aim to keep it in humidity levels around 60% or higher, it is possible to acclimate them to lower humidity levels, which is more easily done if it is in a juvenile/seedling phase.