Art by Jessica Inman

Jessica Inman is a dear friend of ours and mixed media artist who provides us with all of the stunning pots and plant accessories that you see in our shop. Jessica is a Florida native, loving wife and mother of two beautiful children and many animals. She has a passion for anything outdoors, all walks of animal life and gardening. Jessica has an endless number of indoor/outdoor cats, a dog, an African tortoise, a python, and a plethora of peacocks roaming around her home jungle. Being a self-taught artist, Jessica loves learning and experimenting with all sorts of different mediums, and excelling at each of them. She is a nationally published jewelry/mixed media designer who also paints and creates stained glass pieces, resin, and cement art that you have never seen before. 

As an extremely accomplished artist, Jessica also has a heart of pure gold and loves to share her knowledge and gifts with others. She lives a life of positivity and grace whilst providing us constantly with new creations themed for our shop and is truly an inspiration with all that she has accomplished. If you'd like a hand-painted, life-like portrait painting of your pet on a pot,